City English Corner was established to help international visitors to Birmingham practice their conversational English and make friends. Meetings are held weekly, on Wednesday evenings during term-time, from 5-7pm in the iconic St. Martin-in-the-Bullring church building. We have served international students from Aston University, Birmingham City University, University College Birmingham, Brasshouse Language Centre and other international visitors who live and work in Birmingham.

A typical City English Corner begins with a language game followed by some pronunciation practice. We then move on to a discussion topic and British idioms and slang. Finally, we practice reading, comprehension and speaking skills by exploring a passage from the Bible. We also have other special activities at City English Corner, like minibus trips to the beautiful British countryside, or frequenting some of Birmingham’s many restaurants, or celebrating British festivals like Christmas or Easter etc.

For many of the international students who have taken part in our activities, City English Corner has been a highlight of their week and certainly one of their most precious memories of their time in Britain. If you find yourself in Birmingham, as a student or worker or even tourist, make your way to the the church at the Bullring Shopping Centre and join us at City English Corner!